End of Kulturkampf beginning of tariffs

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Result of Kulturkampf:

  • attempts to repress the church met with fierce opposition
  • Pope Pius IX counteracted, threatening to excommunicate anyone who obeyed these new laws
  • 30 out of 10,000 priests submitted to the May Laws
  • Bismarck's hope of destroying the Centre Party only backfired, instead they gained more popularity because people felt sorry for them
  • some Protestants even objected to the Kulturkampf because it affected their rights also

End of Kulturkampf:

  • Bismarck accepted failure in 1878
  • he underestimated the power of the Catholic Church
  • by creating a rift between Reich and Catholics only caused more disunity due to the Kulturkampf
  • improved relations were created with the Church after Pius' death in 1878 with Leo XIII taking over
  • Falk was dismissed in 1879
  • however the Catholic Church did not have overall victory, some of the May Laws were still compulsory such as the civil marriage and Jesuits remaining expelled


  • in 1879, Bismarck removed free trade and ditched the National Liberals
  • instead he began working with the Conservative parties
  • he supported the idea…


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