Why did the Cold War begin?

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  • Why did the Cold War begin?
    • The Conferences
      • Teheran 1943
        • USA and Britain open up a second front by invading Nazi occupied europe.
        • Soviets fight Japan
        • Churchill, Stalin & Roosevelt
      • Yalta 1945
        • When Germany defeated it would be made smaller, pay reparations etc.
          • Stalin agreed to let Eastern Europe have free elections
        • Countries would be democratic
        • United Nations set up
        • Churchill, Stalin & Roosevelt
        • Tensions over future of Poland
          • Stalin wanted it to join the soviet 'Sphere of influence' so it could be a buffer zone.
          • Churchill wanted it to keep being an influence as felt responsible.
        • Tension over who was democratic leaders.
      • Potsdam 1945
        • Council of foreign ministers was set up to rebuild Europe
        • Nazi Party banned and people prosecuted
        • Germany divided into 4 zones. Berlin also.
        • Atlee, Stalin and Truman
        • Lots of tension
          • new leaders.  Truman openly anti-communism. Atlee now Priminister.
          • Truman didn't tell Stalin he was dropping Atomic bomb on Hiroshima
            • Stalin believed as a way to scare soviets.
            • led to arms race
            • broke the trust. biggest events to impact the start of the CW
  • The Grand Alliance was created in 1941 to defeat Nazi Germany. Britain, USA, Soviets. Shared common enemy.


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