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  • Whitechapel
    • Local Context of Whitechapel
      • Charles Booth: Map Of Poverty
      • Housing
        • In rookeries up to 30 people shared 1 apartment.
        • 200 lodging houses were 8000+ people lived.
        • The Peabody Estate built in 1857 by american George Peabody, families spent up to 1/4 of income on rent.
        • The industrial revolution polluted the east end , and sewage flooded the streets
      • Work
        • Work houses were set up as poor releif, inmateds did manual labour in exchange for room and board. many would rather die than go into the workhouse.
        • Dr Thomas Barnardo st up the first orphanages in 1870. when he died there were 100 homes across the country
    • Tensions
      • Immigration
        • Irish immigarnts came hoping to catch a shipto america but ran out of money, findign work on railays and docks.
          • The feniians were irish terrorists demanding independance
          • Tensions rose with bitterness and fear.
        • Jewish immigrants fled persecution in russia, moving to london and opening profitable bussinesses, which were open on a sunday, and only hired fellow jews.
      • Politics
        • Anarchy in Europe led to fear in London.
        • Whitechapel was a target of the SDF party so there were rising tensions between the police and residents.
    • The MET Police
      • home secutary Henry Mathews was the head of the police force, dissliked the police commisioner.
      • Met commisioner Charles Warren wanted to raise standards and increase military-esqe behaviours.




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