Policing in whitechapel

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  • Policing In Whitechapel
    • H Division
      • It had 500 ordinary constables
        • Constables who went on the beat had to patrol a certain route of whitechapel
          • Regularly had to report to their sergeants and record everything in diaries
      • 37 sergeants
      • 27 inspectors
      • 1 chief inspector and
    • Problems H Division Faced
      • Attitudes towards the police
        • Police were mistrusted by most of the community
        • few people helped the police with investigations
        • Police were frequently attacked
      • The Environment
        • Lots of smog. Which meant they couldn't see and crime was more likely to be committed.
        • Whitechapel was full of dark narrow alleyways and courts which led to rookeries packed with people
        • Attacks on Jews
          • Large scale Jewish immigration in the 1800s meant attacks on Jewish people were common.
      • Gangs
        • Large gangs of theives practically ran whitechapel and scared many people into paying money to the them
        • Protection Brackets
          • Gangs demanded money to protect local business
          • Refusal of payment led to property damage and violence
      • Prostitution
        • Few jobs were available to women so many turned to prostitution
        • by 1888, there were 1200 prostitutes, who were vulnerable to violence and worked in brothels or on the streets
      • Alcohol
        • Drunkenness fuelled violence and led to brawls


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