H Division Problems

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  • Problems For H Division Policing In Whitechapel
    • Environment
      • Dark, narrow alleys and courts with multiple doorways made it hard to chase and find criminals.
    • Prostitution
      • With very few jobs available for women, many turned to prostitution to survive.
      • By 1888, approx. 1200 prostitutes were vulnerable to violence.
    • Alcohol
      • The large number of pubs and gin houses in Whitechapel sold very strong alcohol.
        • These drinks were affordable, so this ment that more people were getting drunk and this lead to more violence.
    • Protection Rackets
      • Gangs demanded money to protect peoples businesses.
        • Refusal of money led to property damage and violence.
      • Fear of these gangs ment people very rarely reported them to the police and either paid up or retaliated with violence themselves.
    • Attacks On Jews
      • After the large scale Jewish immigration in 1880's, attacks on jews became common.
      • Some police were anti- Semitic themselves.
    • Violent Demonstrations
      • Public Protests were fairly common in Whitechapel.
      • A large number of police were needed to control these protests.


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