Philosophy (from memory)

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  • What I remember from yesterday's philosophy revision:
    • The Ontological Argument
      • St Anselm became archbishop of Canterbury in the 10th century
      • 'Ontological' - aims to look at the existence of God
      • Anselm didn't set out to prove God's existence, but simply state the fact that he exists
      • Based fully on reason - there is no empirical evidence of God's existence, which means this argument is a priori
      • Gaunilo, a monk who lived in the same period as Anselm, opposed this view - we can't go from having an idea to making false assumptions - we need facts.. a posteriori?
        • The 'perfect island' analogy
      • Descartes said that God is an ultimately perfect being
        • The 'triangle analogy'
          • God possesses predicates, such as existence
            • Kant - existence is not a predicate
      • God is "than which nothing greater can be conceived"
      • God is a necessary being
      • The three steps
      • God must exist in the mind and in reality
    • God is 'good'
      • The euthyphro dilemma
      • The 4 Os
      • Easily angered - a jealous God?
      • The covenant with the Israelites
      • What makes an action good? - Socrates
      • The 10 commandments
      • Moral and natural suffering
      • Healing in Exodus
      • Abraham and Job
    • The Allegory of the Cave
      • Cave = world of appearances


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