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  • What was Vespasian really like?
    • Sense of Humour
      • 'nothing could stop this flow of humour' -Suetonious
    • Treatment of Friends
      • 'Vespasian showed great patience if his friends took liberties'- Suetonious
      • 'Vespasian absolutley adored her'- Cassius Dio
    • Morality and Religion
      • 'any women who had taken another persons slave as a love should lose her freedom'-Suetonious
      • ''his old fashioned habits and lifestyle'- Tacitus
    • Money Grubbing and Meanness
      • 'his one serious failing was his avarice' Suetonious
      • 'nothing of exacting fees from candidates'- Suetonious
      • 'Vespasian behaved most generously to all classes'- Suetonious
      • 'raised cash from sources secular and sacred alike'- Cassius Dio
    • Philosophers and Plots
      • 'Vespasian merely commented Good dog'- Suetonious
      • 'expel all philosphers from Rome'- Cassius Dio
      • 'conspiracy against the emperor...two men he regarded as his closest friends'- Cassius Dio


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