Vespasian in Power Key Quotes

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  • Vespasian in Power
    • Tacitus
      • 'Cerialis had been sending secret messages and offering the Batavians peace and Civilis a pardon'
      • 'Had been chosen by his father to complete the conquest of Judea...fine military reputation'
    • The Temple of Peace
      • Josephus
        • 'Beyond all human expectations'
      • Pliny the Elder
        • 'The loveliest buildings the world has ever seen'
    • Suetonious
      • 'He personally inaugurated the restoration of the burnt capitol'
      • 'He built an amphitheatre in the centre of the city'
      • 'started work on several new buildings: the temple of peace..the temple of Divius Claudius'
      • 'Vespasian celebrated a triumph over the jews'
      • 'offered to haul some columns...declined his services 'i must always ensure..that the working classes earn enough money to buy themselves food''
      • 'Emptiness of the public treasury..heavy taxation and unethical business dealings'


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