What is Deontology

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  • What is Deontology?
    • Deontologist believed; moral worth of an action has nothing to do with any consequences that the action might have
      • Because the consequences of an action are usually out of our control
    • Moral worth of an act must come from something intrinsic to the act itself, rather than extrinsic to it
    • Deontological Approach = Duty Ethics
    • Certain actions are wrong/never carried out
      • i.e Lying or Murder
    • Kant
      • Moral rightness of an act is instead determined by intentions or motives of the act
    • Contrast with Utilitarianism
      • 1. The view that - any action could in principle be justified
      • 2. Provided it generated good consequence
      • Opposite because it looks at the consequence of an action - where as Deontology doesn't


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