Virtue Ethics- Elizabeth Anscombe

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  • Elizabeth Anscombe
    • Problems of deontology
      • Absolute rules are out of date in a society that is secular (no longer sharing a collective religious belief if any at all).
      • Instead we should return to a system that is based on human development and personal growth- human flourishing and virtue for it's own sake.
        • EXAMPLE= someone who gives to charity out of compassion is morally superior to someone who gives because they feel they have a duty to. Heart rather than head.
    • Claims 1
      • Modern morality should be laid aside until we have an adequate understanding of why people do things.
    • Claims 2
      • Concepts of moral obligations and duties should be abandoned. Instead we should focus on personal development in order to ensure that these duties are done out of compassion FIRST.
        • Charity can be cold and de-humanising because we give at a distance. e.g- comic relief.
    • Claims 3
      • Goodness should be equated with the person not the action. Modern philosophers don't understand true moralising because they base it upon actions rather than humans.
    • Was part of a group of post war ethics. There were Kant's deontological, utilitarianism, and meta-ethics.
      • Deontology and utilitarianism are normative ethics as they prescribe/guide behaviour so that it becomes the norm within society. (Virtue Ethics is normative).
      • Meta-ethics analyses the language used when discussing a moral issue. E.g.- emotivism. Analysis of the language after the debate. (The way people's minds work).
      • Virtue ethics however focuses on a person's character, not the outcomes of their actions etc.
    • ''Modern Moral Philosophy''


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