Weimar Constitution 1919 Weaknesses

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  • Weimar Constitution 1919 WEAKNESSES
    • Proportional representation a fair system but 2 main cosequences.
    • Proliferation of small parties
      • Smaller parties could gain representation in the Reichstag- something thets unusual
        • Allowed smaller parties- many which were anti-republican -to exploit the parliamentary system to gain publicity
    • Proportional representation didnt,in itself,create fragmented party system.Due to deep divisions in German society and the lack of a national consensus.
    • Coalition governments- Because of proliferation of small parties,none of the larger parties could gain an overall majority in the Reichstag
      • Since governments had to command majority support in the Reichstag,all governments in the Weimar Republic wer coalitions,many of which were very short-lived


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