Week 1 - Intro Self concept

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  • Week 1: Self and social context
    • Definition of social psychology
      • The scientific attempt to explain how the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of individuals are influenced by the actual, imagined or implied presence of other human beings - ALLPORT
      • Focuses on the thoughts, feelings and actions of individuals
        • Focuses on the influence of social relationships and situations on our individual thoughts, feelings and actions
          • Power of the situation
    • Self concept
      • Knowledge// beliefs// attitudes// memory// ourselves // identity// ego
    • Kuhn and McPartland - The twenty statemtns
      • Statements based on (look on revision sheet)
        • Factors that influence responses
          • Culture // experiences // Gender // situation
    • Actual self = What we are really like
      • Ideal self = Who or what we would like to be
    • Momentary self-image
      • Different aspects of our self-concept may be salient in a particular situation
    • Self-coherence and continuity over time
      • Master narrative
    • Aspects of our self-concept
      • Personal identity
      • Relational identity
      • Social identity
    • Private self
      • The person we secretly know ourselves. Only disclose to a few close friends
      • Public self
        • The identity that we project to others
    • Impression management - self presentation
      • The processes by which we attempt to influence the way in which other people view us
        • Avoid embarrassment
          • To establish and protect our reputation
            • Authentic self expression
              • Motivated by a concern for recognition
              • Self-promotion
                • Motivated by a concern to 'get ahead', to gain respect; impress others
                • Ingratiation
                  • Motivated by a concern to get along with others and be liked
                  • Tact
                    • Motivated by a concern to protect other people's feelings or interests
                    • Appropiate self-presentation is essential for orderly social conduct
                      • Successful impression management requires self-regulation
    • Self - regulation
      • Our ability to control our inner psychological states and our public actions
        • Involves the conscious inhibition of particular thoughts, feelings and actions
      • Essential for socially appropriate behaviour = Moral muscle
        • Needs to be developed through practice
      • Factors that affect self-regulation
        • Cogntive load // Tiredness // Alcohol // Aging
    • Culture
      • Individualistic cultures
        • Independent self-construal
          • Mention personal atrributes
            • Personal freedom
              • Achievement
                • Self-deternination
      • Collectivist cultures
        • Interpendent self construal
          • Social solidarity
            • Share goals
              • Group identification
                • Mention their social relationships


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