DandA Week 1

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  • Week 1
    • What is an argument?
      • Set of statements in which one statement is the conclusion and the others are premises that support the conclusion
    • Deductive and inductive arguments
      • Deductive Argument
        • Conclusion necessarily follows from the premises: If the premises are true, the conclusion will also be true              OR             It is not possible for the premises to be true and for the conclusion to be false (the premises ENTAIL the conclusion).
    • Validity vs soundness
      • Valid deductive arguments can be constructed on false premises: an argument can be deductively valid without being sound.
      • A sound argument with one which is both deductively valid and has true premises.
    • Validity without Soundness
      • All fish fly. Anything that flies talks. So, all fish talk.
        • This argument is deductively valid, because it is not possible for its premises to be true and the conclusion to be false. If for some reason the premises were true then the conclusion would have to be true. However, this argument is not sound (because the premises are actually false) though it is valid.


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