AS Geog: Weathering Processes

Just a summary of weathering processes to note for revision. (Best to zoom in at 60%)

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  • Weathering Processes
    • Mechanical
      • Freeze Thaw-Water accumulates in joints/cracks of rock, expands by 9% when below freezing. The water freezes to become ice.
      • Salt Crystal Growth-Temperatures fluctuate around 26-28oC, sodium sulphate and sodium carbonate expand by 300%, disintegrating rocks in the process.
      • Pressure release-Overlying rock is removed by erosion, causing underlying ones to expand and fracture parallel to surface.
    • Chemical
      • Carbonation-Occurs on rocks with calcium carbonate eg Chalk and limestone. Rainfall dissolves carbon dioxide, forming a weak carbonic acid. Calcium carbonate reacts with acidic water and forms bicarbonate which is soluble
      • Hyration-Minerals absorb water, expand and change.
      • Oxidation-Occurs when iron compounds react with oxygen to produce a reddish brown coating on rocks
    • Biological
      • Mechanical impacts
        • Growth of roots from vegetation, exerting pressure
      • Chemical impacts
        • Release of organic acids, bird droppings, etc


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