Ways to measure development.

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  • Ways to measure development!
    • GDP
      • Gross domestic product (per Capita).
        • The value of all goods and services per year in US Dollars $. (Average per person).
    • HDI
      • Human Development Index.
        • The measure of different aspects of life between countries, usually the standard of living, life expectancy and education.
    • Birth Rate
      • The number of live births. A thousand per population, in a year.
    • Death Rate
      • The number of deaths in a country per thousand in a year, similar to birth rate but it counts the number of deaths and passing's.
    • Political Corruption
      • Is when the government use their powers and higher status for their own illegitimate private gain.
    • Literacy Rate
      • Is the percentage of people in a country that can read and write.
    • Happiness Index
      • Is a development index to measure the happiness of society and people in that country.


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