Ways to create a neologism

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  • Ways of creating a neologism
    • amelioration
      • When a word takes on a more positive meaning
        • Pretty used to mean sly, now it means to be attractive
    • Pejoration
      • A word takes on a more negative meaning now,.
        • E.G An idiot used to mean a private person, now it means someone who is stupid.
    • Narrowing
      • A words meaning is now more specific
        • Meat used to mean any food now it means the flesh of an animal.
        • Art used to mean any skill now it is mainly used for the subject Art.
    • Broadening
      • A word keeps its original meaning and gains other meanings.
        • E.g place used to mean a street or broad street now it refers to any sort of area.
    • Create a new one!
    • Abbreviations
      • Clippng
        • When a word is shortened.
          • Telephone becomes phone.
      • Initialism
        • When a word is created because each letter stands for something. However you pronounce the word by each individual letter.
          • E.G CD
      • Acronym
        • When a new word is created because each letter stands for another word. Also you pronounce the word as an entire word.
          • E.G Oxfam
    • Adapt it
    • Affixation
      • when you add a group of letters (a morpheme) to a word to change its meaning.
        • Prefix
          • E.G pre
        • Suffix
          • E.G ized
    • Compound
      • When two full words are joined
        • E.G
    • Blending
      • When a two words are clipped and then joined.
        • E.G
    • What is an Eponym?
      • When a word is named after its creator
        • Sandwich


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