Ways in which parties are funded

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  • Ways in which parties are funded
    • Collecting membership subscriptions from members
    • Holding fundraising events such as fetes, festivals, conferences and dinners
    • Receiving donations from supporters
    • Raising loans from wealthy individuals or banks
    • Self-financing of candidates for office
    • Up to £2mn per party available in grants from the Electoral commission
    • Conservatives
      • Attract large donations from wealthy individuals and business companies
    • Labour
      • Receives generous contributions from the trade unions
        • However this may fall in years to come as rules for union donations change making it easier for individual union members to opt out contributing
    • Smaller parties
      • Don't have regular sources of income
      • Disadvantage of small memberships
      • Donors are less likely to give money to parties whose likelihood of ever being in power is small
      • Donors who do give to small parties are acting out of idealism rather than only prospects of gaining influence


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