Waves and Vibrations

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  • Waves and Vibrations By Jenisha Rajput
    • Types of Waves
      • Mechanical Waves
        • Waves pass through a substance
          • Sound waves, Seismic waves, waves on string
      • Electromagnetic Waves
        • Oscillating electric & magnetic fields without substance.
          • Examples inc. Electromagnetic spectrum
    • Longitudinal Waves
      • Direction of vibration of particles is parallel to direction waves travels.
        • Sound waves, primary seismic waves, compression waves on slinky.
          • Forward movement - compression wave- coils push into each other. Reverse movement - coils move apart- rarefaction (expansion.
    • Transverse Waves
      • Direction of vibration perpendicular to direction wave travels.
        • Electromagnetic Waves, secondary seismic waves, on string/ wire.
          • End of rope- move side to side - sideways movements, each unaffected part of rope pulled sideways when part next to it moves sideways.
    • Polarisation
      • Transverse- plane-polarised.- in one plane only.- if changed - unpolarised.
        • Unpolarised wave travels on rope- pass through slit- polarised - only vibrations parallel to slit pass through.
          • Light from filament lamp/ candle- unpolarised.  Filter only allows light through which vibrates in certain direction- alignment of its molecules.
            • Unpolarised light through 2 filters, transmitted light intensity changes if 1 polaroid is turned proportional to other.- filters cross when intensity is minimum - polarised light from 1st filter can't pass 2nd, alignment of molecules 90 degrees to 1st.
            • Plane polarisation of an electromagnetic wave= plane in which electric field oscillates.
            • Polaroid sunglasses reduce glare of light reflected by water/ glass. Reflected light polarised & intensity reduced - passes through ppolariod


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