Wave Properties 1

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  • Wave Properties 1
    • Example to study propertiies
      • Ripple Tank
        • Tank- shallow transparent tray of water with sloping sides. Slopes prevent waves reflecting off sides of tank.- if did- difficult to see waves.
          • Waves in tank - wavefronts- lines of constant phase. (e.g. crests)
          • Direction wave travels at right angles to wave front.
    • Reflection
      • Straight waves directed at angle to hard flat surface  (reflector) reflects off at same angle.
        • Angle - bet. reflected wavefront & surface same as incident wavefront & surface.
          • Direction of reflected wave is at same angle to reflector as direction of incident wave.
            • Effect obs.= light ray directed at plane mirror. - angle between incident ray & mirror is equal to angle bet reflected ray and mirror
    • Refraction
      • Waves pass boundary - wave speed & wavelength changes.  If wave fronts come at angle to boundary- change direction & speed - refraction.
      • Waves pass boundary from deep to shallow water at angle to boundary.- move slowly in shallow- wavelength smaller & change direction.
    • Diffraction
      • Waves spread out after passing gap/ round obstacle. In ripple tank- narrower gap- waves more spread out. Longer wavelength , more spread.
      • Waves thr. gap - each point on wavefront as secondary emitter of wavelets. Wavelets from points along front travel in direction waves travelling , not reverse dir.. & combine - new wavefront spreading beyond gap.
    • Dish design
      • Satellite TV dishes point South- orbit Earth above equator. Bigger dish, stronger signal, more radio waves reflected by dish onto aerial.
        • Bigger dish reflects waves to smaller focus, diffracts less. Aligned carefully than smaller dish- not focus waves onto aerial


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