Wave-particle duality



  • Light produces interference and diffraction patterns.
  • This can only be explained by using waves constuctivly and destructivly interfering.


  • Einstein explained the photoelectric effect by modelling light as a particle (the photon)
  • If a photon of light acts as a discrete bundle of energy it can interact with an electron one-on-one
  • All the energy of the photon is given to the electron.

Wave-particle duality (de Broglie)

  • If 'wave like' light showed particle properties (photons), 'particles' like electrons should be expected to show wave like properties.
  • The de Broglie equation relates a wave property (λ) to a moving particle property (mv).
  • λ=h/mv
  • The de Broglie wave of a partice can be interpereted as a 'probability wave'.

Electron Diffraction

  • Diffraction…


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