Watson & Raynor mindmap

Mind map for the behavioural explantion for phobias study- Watson and Raynor

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  • Watson & Raynor - Behavioural explanation for Phobias
    • Aims
      • Induce fear through classical conditioning
      • Transfer fear to similar objects
      • Effect of time on fear responce
      • To see if fear can be removed in a lab
    • Case study
      • Little Albert
        • Child of a wet nurse
          • Lived in a hospital environment
      • Controlled environment
    • Fear transference
      • Cotton wool
      • A dog
      • A rabbit
      • A seal-fur coat
      • Watson's hair
      • Santa Claus mask
    • Fear response
      • aged 8 months
        • Albert reacted violently to a suspended steel bar being hit by a hammer


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