Watergate Scandal 1972-74

Mindmap on Watergate, am in the process of doing a plan for a question too

There iosn't huge detail, more reminders of everything that should be considered 

Hope this helps,:)

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  • Watergate
    • Nixon's Personality
      • Hated 'well to do families'
      • Had a negative childhood
        • Physical abuse
        • Strict up bringing
        • Solem background
      • Paranoia  suspicious of others (prone to spying)
      • Power?
    • Abuse of Congress
      • Treated them badly
        • Insulted them
      • Tried to deprive (curtail). their power
      • Ignored their request for infomation
    • Abuse of Power
      • Attempting to find scandals of enemies
      • Break-ins of of psychiatrist office of political enemy
      • Phone-tapping
      • Use of Gov. agencies (FBI, CIA & IRS
      • Imperial Presidency
      • Evaded tax
    • 1972
      • Leaks & CREEP
        • Break ins
          • COVER UP!
      • Senate hearings
        • Special   prosecutions
          • Surrender tapes (took a while)
            • Threat of   IMPEACHMENT
              • 66% favoured impeachment
            • Blank sections where conversation removed
      • Public & press dissaproval
    • Outcome
      • had previously evaded tax, had alot of money to pay Gov. Resigned in 1974= pension & no criminal record
      • Ford pardons Nixon, it was not healthy for Watergate to continue & best to move on ASAP
    • Result
      • Changed the way media reported politics
      • Media now feel it's their job to seek out info on politicians
        • Increased power for media
      • System of political checks & balances re-established
      • Delegation of power
        • President less power
        • Congress more power


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