Nixon's Resignation


The Congressional Investigation

Senate Investigation Committee acted as the main driving force leading to the impeachment of the President

In front of the committee John Dean, linked Halderman, Erlichman and Nixon to the illegal acts (blabbing)

It was announced that Nixon had installed a tape system to record all the conversations in the White House

Extensive media coverage on TV, built up widespread opposition to Nixon

House of Representatives; the House Judicary got enough evidence to recommend the impeachment of Nixon

Due to this Nixon resigned

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The role of the Supreme Court

24th June 1974, the Supreme Court unanimously decided that Nixon should hand over all the tapes of coversations made in 1972 to the House Judicary Committee

When published it clearly linked Nixon th the Scandal also revealing that he swore extensivly and was a racist towards other presidents

Within 3 weeks of Nixon being impeached he was forced to resign on August 9th. 

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The role of the Washington Post Reporters

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein leading investigating reporters who worked for the washington post

Played major role in linking Nixon to the watergate burglary

19th June 1972, An article was published linking Hunt to the Burglars, uncovering hundreds of thousands of illegal dollars used by CREEP to fund illegal activities during the 1972 election

Investigations highlighted the role of Attorney General John Mitchell had in it all

It was all helped by a secret source from the White House nicknamed '***********' later revealed to be  Mark Felt

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Nixon's Personality


'lied to gain love'

'lied in attacks in the hope to win'

'always lied, and most aggressivly, to deny that he lied'

'enjoyed lying'

'not the first president to use the CIA and FBI to watch and report on opponents' 

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