Waste water treatment

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  • Waste Water Treatment
    • 1: Sewage is screened- this involves removing any large bits of material.
    • 6: For waste water containing toxic substances, additional stages of treatment may include adding chemicals.
    • 2: Allowed to stand in sediment tank- heavier solids sink to bottom to produce sludge.
    • 3: The effluent in the tank is removed and treated by biological aerobic digestion- when air is pumped through the water to encourage aerobic bacteria to break down organic matter.
    • 4: The sludge from the tank is also removed and transferred into tanks- here it gets broken down by anaerobic digestion.
    • 5:Anaerobic digestion releases methane gas-which is used as an energy source and the remaining digested waste can be used as a fertiliser.


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