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    • A pretender that emerged in Ireland! Claims to be Richard, Duke of York, the younger of the 'Two Princes in the Tower' who disappeared in 1483
      • Background mysterious - likelihood is he was born in Flanders, raised in the Netherlands, is well-educated, learnt English and at 17, travelled to Ireland where he made his first claim to the throne.
      • Plausible claim - about the same age as Prince, Prince had disappeared, body not found, believable
    • Huge international support! Charles VIII - King of France, Margaret of Burgundy, Phillip of Burgundy, Maximilian - Holy Roman Emperor, James IV - King of Scotland
    • 1) Warbeck first appeared in Cork, Ireland in 1491. After no support was materialized, he began to write to leaders
    • There were signs that Warbeck was beginning to raise support in England:
      • Agents from Burgundy were recruiting support for Warbeck - they were rounded up
      • Sir William Stanley (Henry's step-uncle, the man who helped Henry at Bosworth)became caught up in plot. Worrying for Henry as Stanley was Chamberlain of the King's Household.
        • In March, 1493, Stanley had agreed with Sir Robert Clifford to go abroad and speak with Warbeck. Clifford told Henry. In January 1495, Stanley was tried and executed for treason.
      • 4) In July 1495, Warbeck attempted to land at Deal in Kent. Only 300 soldiers, Warbeck fled, the rest captured and executed.
    • 5) After failure at Deal, Warbeck moved to Scotland with James IV. Many attempts to invade but failed (1496)
    • 6) Cornish Tax Revolt in 1497. Henry had to raise taxes to defeat Warbeck and it caused rebellion.
    • 7) Warbeck mistimed invasion - tried to capture Exeter and was failed because of Edward Courtenay - Earl of Devon
    • 8) Then moved onto TAUNTON and was CAPTURED by Giles Daubeney
    • Firstly allowed in Henry's Court. Tried to escape in 1498, put in the tower. Rumors of Warbeck and Earl of Warwick plotting treason, both tried for treason in 1499. Warbeck hanged, Earl of Warwick beheaded.


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