The American West: Wars

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  • War
    • What were the main reasons for going to war?
      • Land -Conflict over the land.
        • The indians believed that land could not be owned
      • Buffalo -white americans killed them for fun
        • The buffalo were essential to Indian life and their survival
      • Resisting being sent to the reservation
      • Ghost dance movement -This frightened the American's so they killed them.
    • The US army
      • Enlisted men- They were volunteers that were often drunk and useless. Some spoke a different language so communication was poor.
      • Indian Scouts - Indians were willing to fight their traditional enemies alongside the US army. They had knowledge of the land and knew battle tactics
      • Forts - Built to protect and control reservations. They were a safe base for the army, they were armed by soldiers and weapons
      • Civil war - The end of the civil war meant that regualr trained soldiers could battle the Indians
      • Total War - It meant soldiers killed warriors as well as destroying food, shelter and clothing
      • Winter Campaigns - The US army attacked during the harsh winters, which is when the Indians were weakest and most vulnerable
    • The Main Wars
      • Little Crow -1861-1862
        • Caues: The Indians ran out of food due to crop failure, the government promised them money but it never arrived
        • Outcomes: US army won, teh Sioux were forced onto a smaller reservation and some Sioux were executed.
          • 1700 Indians were held prisoners
      • Red Cloud- 1865-1868
        • Causes: White Americans broke treaty and went on Sioux land and the government did nothing about it.
        • Outcomes: Indians won, new route found to gold and the Fort Laramie treaty was signed.
      • The Great Sioux War- 1876-1877
        • Causes: New Fort Laramie treaty was broken, miners were on the black hills, general custer protected the miners from Indian attack
        • Outcomes: Indians won the battle, but were forced back onto the reservations
    • General Custer
      • Hero
        • He was the youngest ever general in the US amy
        • Civil war hero
        • Defeated Indian tribe, Cheyenne 1868
        • Heroic death at battle of little big horn (the great sioux war)
      • Not a hero
        • He disobeyed orders. He was told to go over the Wolf mountains, instead he went through the mounains
          • He went through the night which tied out his men
          • He wanted to defeat the Indians himself
        • He diveded his men into three smaller groups
        • Refuses extra soldiers and guns
        • He ignored his Indian Scout
          • Attaced the Indians without realising how many of them there were


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