War communism and the NEP

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  • War communism and the NEP
    • The NEP 1921 onwards
      • causes
        • end of civil war
        • threat of opposition- Krodstandnt rebellion
      • features
        • grain tax- fixed percent given to state, the rest could be sold
        • private trade ban removed
        • rationing abolished
        • ban on factions
      • evaluation
        • Failures
          • sparked a scissor crisis- as prices increased, wages decreased
          • capitalist
        • Successes
          • economy improved dramatically
          • markets returned to towns
          • 85% of fiirms were back in private hands
    • War communism 1918-1921
      • Causes
        • The Civil War and the reds need to win
        • Food Shortages and shortages of raw  materials
        • After the Revolution, power went to the peasants and factory workers however disarray followed. industry was falling apart because the workers had no business knowledge
      • evaluation
        • Failures
          • not socialist in execution
          • famine in 1921
          • black market
          • middle class angered by banning of private trade
          • turned into a dictatorship
          • loss of support in the countryside
          • peasant uprisings
        • Successes
          • economy fully focused on war effort
          • War supplies increased
          • Profit went to the state
          • no opposition due to terror
          • workers being fed
          • ideologically socialst
          • allowed bolsheviks to win civil war


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