The NEP 1921-24

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  • The NEP 1921-24
    • Aims of the NEP
      • To allow the economy to recover
      • To implement the change needed after War Communism
      • To reconcile the masses with the communist state
        • To boost agricultural production
      • Improve food production
      • Boost agricultural production
      • Recover the manufacturing sector
      • Relax economic policies and state control
      • Replace food seizures with taxation
    • Successes of the NEP
      • Russia economy recovered
      • Agricultural production increased
      • Industrial production increased
      • There were no more significant anti-Bolshevik uprisings
      • The economy became more stable
      • Large numbers of workers remained under state control
    • Failures of the NEP
      • Led to divisions within the communist party
      • Some Bolsheviks were opposed to it (capitalist ideals)
      • Peasant issue not resolved
      • Emergence of NEPmen created resentment
      • There was no proper restructuring of agriculture or indusrty


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