AS Ethics - War

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  • War
    • Utilitarianism
      • Rule Util
        • If people go to war without a just cause it would be an unstable world
        • If we follow the just war theory the world would be a better place
      • Act Util
        • Wouldn't support selfish motives
        • Accepts war as long as it makes the world a better place
    • Categorical Imperative
      • Wouldn't support needlessly going to war- might die which is contradictory to the will
      • Supports declaring war in defence of others
        • We could universalise a motion to go to war to defend another country because we would want them to protect us
      • If soldiers didn't care about making the world a better place then we would be using them as a means to an end and Kant would be against it
    • Natural Law
      • we should protect the innocent which justifies going to war to defend others
        • Should be seen as last resort
      • Principles of natural law are based on the concept of the sanctity of life
        • impossible to fight war without an innocent being killed, so every other solution must be tried before war is declared
    • Situation Ethics
      • Do the most loving thing
        • May mean go to war- Augustine said we should love our enemys as we kill them (as Jesus instructed)
      • Against the use of excessive force, using nuclear, chemical/biological weapons etc


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