Violence and death

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  • Violence and death
    • Point One
      • “To purge your infected blood” (2:5)
      • “All freshly bathed and scented and feeling like a new human being” (Sc 2)
    • Point Two
      • ‘’This was my father’s poniard: do you see? I’d be loathed to see’t look rusty’’. Act 1 scene 1 Blood on it, threatening. Dagger symbol of violence and danger.
      • [she smashes a bottle on the table and faces him, clutching the broken top] scene 10
    • Point Three
      • “I would have their bodies burnt in a coal pit with the ventage stopped” (Act 2 Scene 5)
      • “Stella cries out. Blanche screams” (Scene 3)
    • Point Four
      • ‘’Die then quickly!’’ act 3 scene 2
      • [trembling she lifts the hand mirror for a closer inspection. She catches her breath and slams the mirror face down with such violence that the glass cracks]. Acting irrationally, deteriorationScene 10
  • Malfi
  • Streetcar


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