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  • Vergissmeinnicht
    • A02
      • Quartets
      • No specified rhyme scheme (Modern) free verse
      • Ambiguity used throughout especially at the end (modernism)
      • Shift on line 17 'But' brings poem back to human side of the soldier
      • Grotesque metaphors and similes 'bust stomach like a cave' juxtaposition of love v soldier death
      • Irony as equipment is unscathed but man is 'decayed' and man made the equipment
    • Main ideas
      • Lost love
      • Love can transcend death
      • Looks at a dead soldier and a picture of 'his girl'. intermingling of love and death
      • Forget me not
    • A03
      • Keith Douglas
      • Extrospective style based on what he sees rather than emotions
        • Description shifts the burden from poet to reader
      • Uncomfortable nature 'Douglas work disturbs through seemingly callous detachment' (Rawlinson)
      • The ambiguous ending is typical of modern era
    • Links with Jane (A04)
      • Jane is atypical of Victorian literature, poem is atypical of English war poetry
      • Both show that love can transcend. Jane -social class and poem death
      • Both have violence


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