Views of ethnic inequality

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  • Views on Ethnic Inequality
    • Marxism
      • Black people are part of the working class, who are exploited by the Proletariats
      • Racism benefits capitalism by: increasing polarisation, making EMs exploited, higher wages for whites and more profits
      • Racism is a powerful influence in society and it has three main objectives
        • Unemployment, pay and bad conditions for ethnic minorities don't create much controversy
        • To make white workers perceive black workers as threats
        • Problems caused by capitalism can be blamed on ethnic minorities
      • The media is a form of indoctrination
    • Weberianism
      • Ethnic minorities have less status situation, due to prejudice and discrimination
      • Legal and political framework for ethnic minorities is weak, making them have a low party situation
    • Postmodernism
      • Ethnic identities are being eroded by globalisation
      • People pick and mix their identity
      • There's more hybrid identities
      • Different people have different experiences
      • Racism is declining
    • Genetic Explanations
      • Hernstein and Murray (1994) argued that black people have lower IQs than whites, so they have less economic success
    • Institutional racism
      • The most important structural explanation for ethnic inequality
      • Suggests that racism is a basic feature of Britain's social institutions
      • It results from structural processes and procedures of organisation
      • It may result from stereotypes and the failure to take into consideration particular needs for ethnic minorities
    • Cultural Explanations
      • Some ethnic groups have language problems, which may limit their employment chances
      • Some patterns of disadvantage may stem from cultural choices and traditions (e.g. Purdah may explain why South Asian women are unemployed)
      • The different succession rates of ethnic groups may have a reflection of particular cultural assets and traditions


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