Othello Quotes & Explanations

Othello a play by William Shakespeare

17th century

Love and jelousy and it's relationship and change inot the othere!

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Destruction of Love

Jelousy can be a great torment and destroy and twist even the most powerful of loves

"She's gone. I am abused; and my relief must be to loathe her."

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metaphorical imigary

Verse dramma allows the writter to use dramatic metaphorical imigary to expore powerful feelings (such as jelousy and possesiveness)

"...I had rather be a toad and live upon teh vapour of a dundeon, than keep a corner in a thing I love for others' uses."

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women never independent (society)

Women can be seen as being passed from one man (father) to another (husband)- without ever being independent

"I am hither to your daughter: but here's my husband"

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Love though experiences & sympathy

Couples can fall in love by sharing experiences or sympathy- even if they are not an obvious match in other ways

"She loved me for the dangers I had pass'd and I loved her that she did pity me."

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Hyperbole (exaggeration)

The intensity of seeing the beloved (especially after a period of parting) is described using dramatic, hyperbolic imigary

"O my soul's joy

if after every tempest comes such calms may the winds blow till they have waden'd death!

And let the baouring bark dimb hills of seas Olympus High

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Double meaning words

The form of verse drama often reveals in playing with double meanings of words (e.g. 'gentle' meaning a 'well-born lady' and very feminine- or too willing to please and therefore easy to tempt inot sex and adultery)

Othello: "and then, of so gentle a condition!"

Lago: "Aye, too gently."

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Insecurity can lead to a constant fear of losing a loved one- so that suspicion and jealousy are easily aroused

"...haply, for I am black and have not those soft parts of conversation that chamberers, or for I am declined into the valve of years."

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intense feelings of love & jealousy confused

Love can cause inbearable confusion between intense feelings of love and equally intense feelings of hatred or jealousy

"She shall not live:  no, my heart is turned to stone: I strike it, and it hurts my hand. I, the world hath not a sweeter creature: she ,ight lie by

An emporer's side and command him tasks." 

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contrast of changing love

The structure of a play allows the audience to be shown great contrasts, such as intense love turning into terrible hatred

"I cannot speak enough of this content: it stops me here; it is too much of joy" [Act 2 scene 1]

"Aye, let her rot, and perish and be damned tonight"[Act 4 scene 2]

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