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  • Variation
    • Bottle necking
      • Natural event e.g earthquake reduces population
        • Smaller gene pool
          • reduces genetic diversity
    • Natural selection
      • Individual with a combination of alleles may have certain desirable characteristics
        • These individuals are selected to breed more
          • Frequency of their alleles will increase in subsequent generations
    • Artificial selection
      • Humans select animals with a desirable characteristic to brees
        • gene pool is reduced
    • Founder effect
      • New colonies are formed by a small number of founders
        • Smaller gene pool as a smaller range of alleles present
          • Reduces genetic diversity
    • Overview
      • Intra specific
        • variation between members of a species
      • Inter specific
        • Variation between species
      • Genetic divesrsity
        • Difference in what genes are present in an organism
          • Random assortment, crossing over, random fusion of gamets, mutation
      • Gene pool
        • Sum of all the alleles of all genes in population
      • Polygenic inheritance
        • Charactertistics caused by a number of genes acting together
          • Each gene may have e a number of alleles


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