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  • Utilitarianism
    • Utilitarianism is a quantative, consquentalist theory where the moral agent should do the action that generates the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest number on a case by case basis
      • 'Two soverent masters, pleasure and pain'
      • Definition of Act Util
      • Jeremy bentham
        • Hedonic Calculus
          • Certainity
          • Purity
          • Propinquity
          • Duration
          • Extent
          • Intensity
          • Fecindity
    • The principle of utility states that actions or behaviours are objective states and can be quantified
    • Rule Utilitarianism
      • John Stuart Mill
        • Rule utilitarianism is a qualitive, hedonistic theory that follows rules that usually maximise happiness
          • Rules like don't murder
            • Strong rule utilitarianism
              • You must always follow these rules
            • Weak rule utilitarianism
              • If these rules don't maximise happiness then you can fall back on the hedonic calculus
        • Higher and lower pleasures
          • Higher pleasures are spiritual
          • Lower pleasures are sensual
    • Preference Utilitarianism
      • Peter Singer
        • Maximise preferences than happiness
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