Uses of Radiation

AQA seperate scienced Physics : 2B - Atoms and electricity

Mindmap covering

  • Smoke detectors
  • Tracers
  • Radiography
  • Sterillisation 
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  • Uses of Radiation
    • Smoke Detectors
      • Use Alpha Radiation
      • a weak amount of alpha radiation is placed by two electrodes in a smoke alarm
        • This causes ionisation so a current flows between the electrodes
          • When there is a fire the smoke will absorb the radiation - so the current stops and the alarm sounds.
    • Tracers in Medicine
      • Always beta or gamma
      • Certain radioactive isotopes can be injected into people and their progress is then recorded as the radiation flows around the body
      • Tracers have to be Gamma or Beta so that they leave the body and don't get absorbed by body tissues
    • Radiotherapy
      • Gamma Rays
        • Used to kill living cells
      • Used to treat cancer
        • Some cells are damaged in the process
    • Sterilisation of food and medical equipment
      • Food is exposed to Gamma radiation to kill microbes
        • Food isnt radioactive afterwards so is perfectly safe to eat
      • needs gamma rays with long half lives


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