User Centered Design

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  • User Centered Design
    • Usability
      • Inclusive - can be used by everyone easily and have little restriction of use dues to cultural difference / circumstances
      • Convenient - can be used by everyone with ease
      • Flexible - the user experience can be adapted to suit individuals
      • Welcoming - no design barriers to a product's use
    • Aesthetics
      • Colour
        • It elicits responses by stimulating emotions and can be used to excite and persuade - but they can have -ve effects
        • can have different meanings in different cultures
      • Form
        • How something looks
          • Size? Dimensions?
      • Texture
        • Smooth? Rough?
      • Shape
        • Symmetric? Asymmetric?
        • Proportional?
    • Sometimes called 'human centered design', it is a design strategy / approach with the aim of making products and systems usable. It focuses on the user interface and how the user interacts with and relates to the product
    • Methods Commonly Used
      • Focus groups
        • Where invited group of intended users share thoughts, feelings, attitudes and ideas
      • Usability testing
        • Evaluates products by collecting data from people as they try out a product
      • Participatory design
        • Actively involves users in the design and decision making processes at every stage
      • Interviews
        • Carried out one participant at a time
      • Questionnaires
        • Used to ask users for their responses to a set of questions
    • Anthropometrics
      • People's measurements
      • Split into different percentiles, used depending on the user group
      • Specific or generalised measurement
    • Ergonomics
      • Understanding the interactions between people and the things they do, the objects they use and the environments they work, travel and play in
      • 'Fit' between humans and the products they use
      • About easiness of understanding use, through other senses the users the user draws when interacting with it
      • Good 'fit' = people are more comfortable, do things quicker, fewer mistakes made


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