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  • Urbanisation
    • definition: urbanisation is the growth in the proportion of a countries population living in urban areas.
      • most people in rich countries live in urban areas.
    • Rural Urban Migration
      • movement from countryside to cities
      • causes urbanisation in richer countries
        • short of services
        • more jobs
    • Parts of the City
      • CBD- central business district
        • shopping centres, shops, transport.
      • The Inner City
        • poorer quality of housing, industry, derelict
      • The Suburbs
        • housing areas, less crime and pollution
      • The Rural-Urban Fringe
        • farms, large houses, low prices
    • Issues
      • shortage of housing
        • renewl schemes, new towns, relocation incentives
      • Run down CBD's
        • improving access, converting sires, public transport
      • traffic congestion and pollution
        • now public transport, high parking charges and pedestrianized areas
      • Ethnic segregation
        • people like to live close who have the same background.


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