Unseen Poetry-tips

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  • Unseen Poetry
    • Who is the poet talking to?
    • What is the purpose of the poem?
    • What are the themes of the poem?
    • Look at the content of the language.
    • Look at the title of the poem- is there a clue that gives away the meaning of the poem?
    • What poetic devices are being used?
      • Imagery
      • Contrasts
      • Rhyming scheme
      • Tone/change of tone
      • Repetition
      • Metaphors
      • Similies
      • Language
    • See how each stanza starts and ends.
    • Look at the structure of the poem.
    • Is there a change of tone?
    • Explore emotions
    • What are your thoughts on the poem?
    • Identify techniques used
    • Anotate the poem
    • What is the effect of the punctuation?
    • Answer past exam questions


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