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  • United States of America...
    • Geography and resources
      • It is the fourth largest country in the world and stretches from the Atlantic to the pacific oceans and from Mexico to Canada.
      • It has 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska.
      • The USA has a young nation. the also have capitalism which is where each person is responsible for their own destiny and success.
    • commercialism
      • In the USA sport means business, at every level it is driven by commercialisation.
      • Both private and corporate companies use sport to promote their products and to achieve good will.
      • Even school sport attracts big sponsorships. Collage players receive top kevel coaching and are under enormous pressure to win.
      • TV and advertising not only fund professional sport but also governs procedures and influence rules.
      • Negative side - very few sports performers make the 'American dream', and those who do may lose traditional values of sport with all the wealth and fame.
      • Positive side - the funding gives athletes a better chance of success and promotes events that otherwise may no happen.
    • History
      • During the nineteenth century millions of immigrants left Europe and arrived on the east coast of USA attracted by the 'American dream' in the 'land of opportunity'.
      • By 1900 the nations farms and factories were producing more than any other country in the world therefore increasing wealth and power.
    • Population
      • The USA has a large population of around 300 million.
    • Climate
      • Generally the climate in the USA is dry which is good for sports such as base ball or American football as its played outside, and it would draw more pople in if the weathers nice.


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