Unit 1: Lesson 1

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  • Unit 1: Finance, the Individual and Society (Lesson 1)
    • Citizens:
      • Define the term citizen.
        • Someone who has the legal right to live in a particular country.
      • Rights of a citizen.
        • To a fair trial
        • To be protected from crime.
        • To be treated with respect.
        • To be employed.
        • To equal opportunities.
      • Responsibility of a citizen.
        • To tell the truth in a court of law.
        • To report crime.
        • Treat others with respect.
        • To pay taxes.
        • To not discriminate.
    • The UK Government and Political System:
      • UK= Democracy. Therefore we play a vital role in how country is governed.
      • Voting/ Electoral Process
        • Party with most elected MP's is 'in power'.
          • This is known as 'first past the post'.
        • The process of voting.....
          • Receive polling card.
            • Go to polling stations and hand in polling card.
              • Given ballot paper.
                • Go to booth and vote.
                  • Place vote in ballot box.
                  • Votes are counted from 10pm.


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