Key Terms about the industry

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Primary Industry

Industry that involves the use of gathering raw materials such as wood and iron ore. Jobs that come under forestry, agriculture, mining and these materials are gathered to turn into commodities. Examples, Forestry, fishing and agriculture and mining. 

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Secondary Industry

The industry that converts raw materials from the primary industry into commodities and products for the consumer. This is the manufacturing industry. Examples, car manufacturer, dress maker and builders. 

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Tertiary Industry

The part of the country's economy concerned with the provision of services. They may be tangible and intangible. i.e. Legal services, retailers and distribution of goods. 

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Enterprise Agreements

A collective agreement made at enterprise level between employer and employees. It provides the terms and conditions for the employment for those employees who it applies to. 

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When a person who is working full-time is engaged to work on a short-term temporary basis. “Casualisation has left millions of workers constant fear for their jobs”. Example, Teacher going for full time work to part time work.

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Technological change

Technological development, achievement and progress. 

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