Unit 1.2.3

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  • Unit 1.2.3
    • Respiratory System
      • Includes: Lungs, Trachea, Bonchi, Diaphragm.
      • Function: O2 in, CO2 out.
      • Regular exercise increase lung capacity, enables more O2 to be taken in with each breath.
    • Measurements
      • Help estimate efficiency.
      • Breathing rate: Number of breaths in a minute.
      • Tidal volume: Amount of air inspired and expired with each normal breath at rest/during exercise.
      • Vital capacity: Amount of air that can be expired after inspiring as deeply as possible.
    • Immediate effects of exercise
      • BR increases, Depth of breathing increases, Oxygen debt.
    • Oxygen Debt
      • Vigorous exercise makes body need more O2 than it can get.
      • The extra O2 consumed during the recovery from a period of strenuous exercise, compared with the amount that would be consumed normally.
    • Effects of smoking
      • Damages alveoli makes them less efficient reduces O2 intake/CO2 removal, Short of breath, Lung diease/cancer.
    • Long term benefits of exercise
      • Increased lung capacity, Increased vital capacity, Increased tidal volume, More efficient.


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