Unit 1.2.2

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  • Unit 1.2.2
    • Rest and Recovery
      • To improve the body needs to be exposed to increase stresses in training and time time to adapt to these stresses and recover.
      • Rest is essential to avoid injury, repair, muscle tissue and avoid depleting the immune system.
    • Negative factors that affect the circulatory system
      • High cholesterol, Recreational drugs, Lack of exercise, Stress.
    • High Cholesterol
      • High Density Lipoproteins
        • Good cholesterol. Carries away from arteries to liver to be removed from body.
        • From fruit and vegetables.
      • Low Density Lipoproteins
        • Bad cholesterol. Leads to plaque build up, restricts blood flow in arteries so High BP and stress on heart, and heart attacks.
        • From saturated fatty foods.
    • Recreational drugs
      • Nicotine increases BP and HR, releases adrenaline, restricts arteries. Tobbaco lowers HDL levels, increases blood clots.
    • Stress
      • Negative stress can lead to high BP and increased HR.


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