Child Development - Unit 1 Mind Map

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  • Unit 1 - Family and Parenting
    • Types of Family
      • Nuclear
        • traditional unit of two parents with children, usually two or more and are all biologically related
      • Extended
        • a family consisting of parents and children who live with grandparents or aunties/uncles
      • Reconstituted
        • two different families bought together through marriage to create a new family unit
      • Lone Parent
        • a single parent looking after a child or children on their own
      • Foster
        • somebody looks after a child for a short amount of time
      • Adoptive
        • somebody who becomes a legal parent/ guardian for a child and looks after them permanently
    • What do families provide?
      • Financial Support
      • Emotional Support
      • Advice/ guidance
      • Care/love
      • Friendship
    • What do people consider before starting a family?
      • Emotional Maturity
      • Age
      • Support from partner/family
      • Finances
      • Career/job
    • Contraception
      • Male
        • Male condom
        • Abstenece
        • Natural Family Planning
      • Female
        • The Pill
        • Injection
        • Coil (IUD)
        • Implant
        • Diaphragm (cap)
        • Abstenece
        • Natural Family Planning


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