Living in Nazi Germany - Nazi economic policies

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  • Nazi Economic Policies
    • On 2nd May 1933, Hitler ordered the SA to arrest Germany's trade union leaders
      • The German Labour front was created and was the only union allowed.
    • A pay freeze was introduced in 1933
      • Wages were now to be decided by the German Labour Front
      • Compulsory deductions were made through income tax to pay for the KDF
    • The Nazis funded massive building projects which created a very good impression
    • The Nazis concentrated on rearming
      • The army increased from 100,000 to 950,000
      • Thousands of Germans worked in factories producing weapons
    • Youth unemployment was dealt with by creating the RAD
      • All men between 19 and 25 had to work for six months
    • Women in certain professions were dismissed while other women who stayed at home were payed 1000 Marks
    • The Nazis pushed for self-sufficiency called autarky (no importing from abroad)
      • This was very difficult and they tried to make synthetic rubber and coffee made from acorns


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