Types of Graphing Skills

This is all the types of Graphing skills you need to know

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  • Types of Graphs
    • Bar Type Graph
      • Bar chart
      • Histograms
      • Pyramid graphs
      • Located Bar charts
      • Compound Bars
    • Line-type graph
      • Line Graphs
        • They are used to show continuous data
      • Flow Lines
        • They are used to display some kind of movement such as pedestrian or traffic flows overtime.
      • Isolines
        • They are lines which join places of equal height
      • Rose/Ray diagrams
        • They are used to show direction of movement
      • Triangular graphs
        • They show three variables on one graph
      • Compound Lines
        • They are used to show continuous data for a number of variables
    • Other graphs, diagrams and maps
      • Pie Diagrams
        • They can be used to show variations in the composition of a geographical of counting types of transporation
      • Scatter graphs
        • They are used for two sets of number data one fixed variable and the other a changeable variable.
      • Proportional symbols such as pie diagrams
      • Pictograms
        • It is used for presenting data in a simple way by using pictures or symbols.
      • Topological diagrams
        • They are used for finding the position of the place stays the same  but the distance and direction is different.
      • Choropleth maps
        • They are used to show a large amount of data over an area.
      • Dispersion Graph
        • They are used for showing the range of data


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