Types of Sampling

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  • Types of Sampling
    • Stratified Sampling
      • Take into account underlying patterns in all data and ensures all are samples
      • Advantages; No aspects are missed
      • Disadvantage; Data collection is bias           Can't make stastical references
    • Pragmatic Sampling
      • Sample where you can get access to and where  changes are observed
      • Advantage; Safety Realistic
      • Disadvantage; Not a fair sample    Can't make valid stastical referance
    • Systematics Sampling
      • Selected at regular intervals
      • Advantage; Quick, Easy
      • Disadvantage; Cant make statistical reference May coincide with data or location
    • Random Sampling
      • Use random number table to select sample points
      • Advantage; Statistically sound opens up further analysis
      • Disadvantage; Same item can be picked more than once Easy to miss something


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