Types of pressure groups

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  • Types of pressure groups
    • Promotional groups
      • Seek to promote a particular cause and convert the ideas behind it into government action or parliamentary legislation
      • Serve the whole community (not just members/supporters)
      • Concentrate on mobilising public opinion and putting pressure on government in that way
      • Often use direct action - public demomnstrations, internet campaigns, civil disobedience
      • Seek widespread support
    • Sectional groups
      • Self-interested as they hope to pursue the interests of their own membership/those who they represent
      • Seek direct links with decision makers
      • Methods are more 'responsible', they take the parliamentary route to influence
      • Some large companies count as sectional groups as they're so influention eg. Google, Amazon
      • Some are hybrid - by serving interests of members/supporters, the wider community will benefit
    • Insiders
      • Close links with decision makers
      • Become involved in early stages of policy and law making
        • Consulted by decision makers and are offered expert advice/information
    • Outsiders
      • Don't have a special position within government circles
      • Typically promotional groups
      • Often use civil disobedience, mass strikes, publicity stunts


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