Types of Plate Margin

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  • Types of Plate margin
    • Destructive
      • 1) Plates come together
        • Due to convection currents in the mantle
      • 1X oceanic crust 1X continental crust
      • 2) Oceanic crust sinks beneath continental crust
        • Subduction
        • Because oceanic crust is denser and heavier than continental crust
        • 3) Oceanic crust is forced into the mantle where great pressure is exerted and the oceanic crust is destroyed to form magma
      • Composite volcanoes
      • Oceanic trenches
    • Constructive
      • 1) Plates move away due to convection currents in the mantle
        • 2) Cracks and fractures form between the plates where there is no solid crust
        • 3) Magma forces its way into the cracks and onto the surface
    • Conservative
      • 1) Plates slide past each other at similar direction, angles and speeds
        • 2) Get stuck
      • Earthquakes
        • Build up of pressure causes the plates to suddenly release
      • Nothing created or destroyed
    • Collision
      • 2X Continental plates
        • Same density so one does not sink below the other
      • Type of destructive plate margin
      • Fold mountains


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